April 20, 2018 in Blacksburg, Virginia
BlacksburgBlockchain Symposium
Promise and Peril of “Disrupting the Trust Business”
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From land registries and trade finance to cryptoassets, the rapidly proliferating array of blockchain applications have simultaneously elucidated the promise and peril of “disrupting the trust business.”  The inaugural Blacksburg Blockchain Symposium on the political economy of financial technologies invites you to participate in a dialogue among entrepreneurs, policymakers, and academics to discuss the emerging questions, problems, and dilemmas created by blockchain technology.


Tucked away in the rolling ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits an epicenter of the blockchain revolution, Blacksburg, Virginia.  In addition to Virginia Tech, Blacksburg is home to prominent blockchain innovators, entrepreneurs, academic experts from all corners of the tech space. This creative ecosystem is the ideal venue for conversations and explorations on the potential and pitfalls of blockchain.


Blockchain technology is hailed (and feared) as the most transformative technology since the internet. But does it provide us with more resilient alternatives to our existing institutions? What are the social consequences of this new “tech-topia”? What about its dystopian counterpart?


The Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience at Virginia Tech will host the first-of-its-kind blockchain conference in the Mid-Atlantic region. Join us on April 20, 2018, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Attendance is free, but registration is required. Lunch will be provided. Click here to register

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Symposium Speakers
Purdue University
Digital Bazaar
Federal Reserve Board of Governors
ChainLink Research
Hume Center, Virginia Tech
SynaptiCAD, Inc.
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
Symposium Schedule
Check-in, welcome, and introduction
Keynote Address by Dr. Charles Clancy, VT Hume Center
This panel will focus on the relationship between authority and trust, as well as governance and transparency.
This panel will focus on the impact of disruption on industries and institutions, including money, assets, and regulatory challenges.
Keynote Address from Dr. John Schindler, Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
This panel will focus on blockchain applications being developed in Blacksburg, and will feature several local entrepreneurs in the blockchain space.
This panel will include all previous panelists and discuss the promise and peril of blockchain technology.
A post-event reception and networking event at the Alexander Black House, located three blocks from the Lyric Theater.
Symposium Venue
The historic Lyric Theater, located in downtown Blacksburg.
Getting to the Symposium

Getting here: Blacksburg is accessible by car, air and rail: click here for details.

Symposium Location

Staying Overnight:  To reserve a room, please contact the Main Street Inn (540-552-6246) and ask for the “Blockchain Symposium” rate. This rate is only applicable for reservations made by March 30.

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